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Play Date

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Boys will be boys in this sweaty work out wank fest! The stars have aligned and we delivered a dream cum true pairing, in super stars Sean Ford and jail bait/big dicked Joey Mills together! The epic duo work up a sweat in the park as they exercise and climb trees like innocent young men. Sean ford is sweaty, he's also been eyeballing Mills massive meat through his jeans all day. Sly as a fox, Ford formulates a pervy plan and brings joey back to his place because "he needs a shower.

" #CleverThinking Sean casually strolls out in a towel and THAT, my friends would be hard for anyone to resist! (Ps- The boy has been workin' out and looks TIGHT!) After an inevitable wrestling match, ripe with sexual tension, Joey's mammoth member finds its way to Ford's face and makes itself at home. The new friends swap schlongs before Joey jams a thick finger inside Ford's fantastic fanny. That's all the invitation Ford needs to pounce atop Joey's giant! Heated and horny, skin to skin, as natural as natural can be, Sean sits on the colossal cock like a king, enjoying every inch, and bouncing like a boy at the Youth Fair.

Looking down at Joey as he rides, Ford's desire to taste his top grows, and he dives tongue deep into his boy. Spreading his buddy as wide as he can, he plants his piece inside, while Joey's giant junk jiggles as he jacks it. Going with their gut, and driven by desire, the boys flip flop, filling one another up as needed. Both boners are about to cum to a boil. Ford's firehose opens it's floodgates, giving way to Joey, who completes the cock soaked cum crescendo all over Ford's perfect face.

Ever the perfectionist, Ford doesn't miss one delicious drop. Absolute porn perfection.