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Not Over Til I Say

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Not Over Til I Say

23 min 3.46K Views HD Oct 24th, 2016

A. J. is at home enjoying ABlack Strap Master@ (MHV-158) on his VCR, when he decides to make this fantasy a reality. He calls Paul and sets up an appointment, agreeing that the session won=t end until Paul decides that it is over. A. J. arrives and is spanked with hand, paddles and straps on his pants, gray boxer-briefs, and finally on his fiery-red ass. As Paul rains down a barrage of hard swats, the young man becomes visibly excited and aroused.

A. J. assumes that his climax will end the session, but Paul reminds him that it isn=t over until he says so, and the spanking continues while the spent boy reacts.