The Da Vinci Load 2 | Scene Four

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The Da Vinci Load 2 | Scene Four

23 min icon 6908 views HD August 5, 2016

After winning Billy's rotund father over, Mister O'Reilly; Randy is allowed to spend the night and share a bed with Billy. Randy naturally sleeps naked and this Billy is likewise floored by his huge fire- hose. Randy can't control himself in the middle of the night and Billy wakes up to find him going down on his cock. Billy tries to stop him to no avail, and then he begins to let go and enjoy himself.

Pretty soon, Billy is taking that titanic shaft in every way imaginable. This Billy is HUNGRY for cock and his appetite is insatiable. Just when you think he can't take anymore, he surprises you and does! After Randy sucks the shit out of his asshole like a longhaired Hoover, Billy rides that big horsie like the fucking Lone Ranger, holding on for dear life as Silver gallops into the moonlight.

But, no cigar: this Billy is NOT the Electric Twinkaloo either.