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Prison Yard Punishment

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Prison Yard Punishment

27 min 1.25K Views HD May 2nd, 2016

The Sheriff who runs the Talaveras County Men’s Correctional Facility has taken the punishment of his inmates to a new level. Out in the center of the prison yard stands a sturdy wooden pillory, and prisoners know that if they get out of line, they will likely end up stripped, secured and strapped by the “The Boss”, without the least hint of emotion. The number of strokes is predetermined, and they all know that no amount of screaming or begging will hinder The Boss from completing his daily duty of maintaining order.

One at a time, the Deputy leads the manacled inmates out to the stocks where their feet, arms and head are locked in place. The Deputy drops their striped prison pants before announcing the prisoner’s name and the number of strokes he is to receive. The Sheriff silently steps up with a heavy prison strap and begins to deliver powerful strokes. 40…45 …50, while the men wince in pain and cry out in anguish.