Bound To Please

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Bound To Please

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Bound To Please

HD Nov 16th, 2015

Skye’s online ad has once again attracted the interest of a handsome lad in search of a spanking. Luke, however, comes with a bit of attitude and appears to be a real challenge. After an initial OTK spanking on the boy’s jeans and briefs, Skye secures him to a St. Andrew’s cross to continue the spanking. When Luke’s shirt and underwear hampers his progress, Skye tears them off his body. Using a leather strap, he soon has the young man squirming – before bending him over a gym-horse, Skye continues to spank Luke while stimulating his cock and balls.

By the time he releases the boy from the restraints – Luke is ready to release – with a powerful orgasm while seated on the horse.