You Bet Your Ass

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You Bet Your Ass

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You Bet Your Ass

HD Nov 9th, 2015

Two buddies are always making bets with each other. Both admit the dumbest bet they ever made was when their rival football teams played on TV – with the winner getting to spank the loser. When his team wins Enrique relishes spanking his macho buddy’s ass, starting on his jeans, then briefs and ending on his full bare butt. Finally, he takes a large beach paddle and begins to slap it on his buddy’s hard ass.

But wait! Is it that he fixed the bet and got caught cheating? Antonio enjoys payback time as the roles are reversed and he sets Enrique’s smooth butt on fire! He wastes little time on the jeans, he uses his hand on the handsome lad’s briefs and bare butt – ending with a Jokari-type paddle that really gets to this cheater and teaches him a lesson. “Wanna bet?”