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Suited For a Spanking

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Suited For a Spanking

27 min 2.49K Views HD Aug 31st, 2015

The boss meets newcomer Chris (who resembles a young Tobey Maguire) at his home - away from the office - to confront him with the fact that he has the worst sales figures at the company. Threatened with being fired, Skye agrees to give Chris a second chance, but only after he videotapes the humiliated salesman asking him to "Please give me a spanking”. Chris is totally embarrassed as his boss incrementally strips away his tie, button-down shirt and dress pants, revealing his tight white briefs - all while delivering a really severe spanking.

Once stripped to his underwear and socks, the boss has the cute salesman climb up onto the table and stick his butt out to complete the punishment. In a final degrading act, Skye pulls the briefs down - and then off - exposing every inch of Chris' body. Spread wide, his ass is the perfect target as he gets exactly what he asked for. There's no doubt that his sales figures will greatly improve in the upcoming quarter.