Busted Brothers OTK

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Busted Brothers OTK

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Busted Brothers OTK

HD Aug 17th, 2015

After Orion and Luke work on the plans for the upcoming Spring Carnival at the ΩTK fraternity, Orion recalls the time he walked in on the “Practicing Pledges”. Feeling horny, he finds James in the fraternity study hall and proposes that they have another spanking session. James readily agrees and before long, the two frat brothers are taking turns spanking each other on the pants and underwear.

Thinking it would be fun to incorporate some paddles, Orion sends James off to get them, before revealing the fact that he purchased a leather strap from a sex shop. While waiting for James to return, Orion begins testing the strap on his own ass, when Luke unexpectedly walks in on him. Orion tries to make excuses, but when James bounds into the room holding the paddles, there is no denying what is really going on.

Orion and James are surprised when Luke asks if can join in the fun and within seconds the three brothers are engaged in an orgiastic spank-a-thon, with each brother spanking the other two in turns. When Luke decides that it’s time to get naked, there is no denying that each of them is totally turned-on. Never before in the history of Man’s Hand Films have we had guys actually climax while being spanked – but this video changes that fact with a finale that has to be seen to be believed.

If you like consensual spankings between horny guys, then this video is an absolute classic!