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Jan 16th, 2015

Four friends get together to play a new strip-and-spank card game. The rules are simple: After the cards are shuffled, each player draws a single card off the top of the deck. The boy choosing the low card has to remove one piece of clothing and get spanked by the player with the highest card. The number of swats is determined by the difference between the two cards...Aces are one, Jacks are eleven, Queens are twelve and Kings are thirteen.

l spankings will be over-the-knee with just a hand - that is, until everyone is naked. Once all four players are bare-assed, a paddle will be used for the remainder of the game. A secret timer is also set at the beginning of the game, and when the alarm sounds it signals the final hand of the game. Whoever loses that hand, will get the designated number of swats - but from all three opponents - a triple punishment.

The four guys have a great time, taunting, teasing, stripping and spanking. There is a lot of laughter as they take turns going over each other's naked laps, butts turning redder with every hand. But one of the players has a secret...he knows how to cheat at cards without ever getting caught! This ought to be an interesting finish to a fun game of cards that turns the boys on so much they stage a classic circle jerk after the grand finale.