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Brothers Daydream

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Brothers Daydream

34 min 2.33K Views Jan 23rd, 2015

Man's Hand Films is proud to introduce the Essex Brothers to our community - two real-life brothers who decided it would be fun to appear in a spanking video. In this film, Elijah is sitting watching an old British movie when he is joined by his brother, Darian. In the movie, an older brother spanks his younger sibling and Elijah begins to daydream about what it would be like to spank Darian. Starting on his jeans, eventually they come down to reveal skin-tight briefs and they're finally removed to complete the spanking on the young stud's bare butt.

But the fantasy is interrupted when the movie shows the father catching the son-on-son action and angrily turns the tables on his boys. Now it's the younger brother's turn, grinning wide as he gets to humiliate and spank his older brother. It's the same routine - pants, briefs and bare - resulting in both brothers getting turned on. They end the session by both dropping their pants and jacking off, side-by-side, to the daydream of spanking each other in an incredibly hot finish.