Boy Booty Front Cover Photo

Boy Booty

84 min SD

We've assembled the best collection of bountiful "Boy Booty" in need of a beautiful, breathtaking butt beating! Overflowing with ass in need of pleasure, pain, and punishment, this full feature, fanny smacker is packed to pink cheeked capacity. Every spanktastic scene sizzles with succulent, backseats swatted to hot pink, hand-branded perfection, by heavy hitting, young hunks like Max Carter, Josh Brady, Blake Mitchell, and more! The seat slapping young studs unleash their wrath in the form of wedgies, whacks, and hearty whollops, bringing the most beautiful, bubble bootied boys to hedonistic, backseat bliss.

And, trust us, these tight tushed twinks look even tastier with their hot hides tanned!