Joey Mills Vol. 1 Front Cover Photo

Joey Mills Vol. 1

166 min SD

The constellations aligned porntastically, when creating cock stiffening, eye candy, and twink icon, Joey Mills! The mighty meated myth, has earned his legendary status; and, this gorgeous, goo-filled gathering of strokathon inducing, sex soaked scenes, shines lusty light on some of his best work! Since, this is Volume 1, each master piece, (pun intended) finds Joey at his twink boy-prime, ripe, and ready for action! Topping, AND bottoming in this action filled, ass banger, Mills brings the heat, with heavy hitters, such as superstars, Sean Ford, Kyle Ross, and Corbin Colby, just to name a few.

This well curated collection is an absolute, must-have, for any twink lover. If you want the finest, fresh faced fucks, THIS is the stuff"¦.. the sticky, sweaty, superstar, jailbait-bater best!