Hookup Stories Front Cover Photo

Hookup Stories

141 min SD

Our sultry series, "Hookup Stories" has always been a fire hot, fan fav; because, the premise is pure, porn perfection! To start, one Helix hottie shares a sizzling story, about their hottest hookup. Naturally, as they tell their tales, the guys get all horned up; and, here at Helix, we're ALWAYS prepared! We always have the perfect pretty boy, or juicy jock on hand, ready to take care of the sexed up story teller's tasty tail, the moment they've concluded their naughty narrative.

After sharing their finest, sacred, spank bank material, just imagine the ass banging that ensues straight away, in real time! All that beautiful build up, and sexed up suspense truly brings an extra, "edge" to this series. From gym steam room railings, to coffee shop cock, to hooking up with a girlfriend's former guy, these dude's don't skimp on any deliciously dirty detail, before they bring these sizzling stories to lusty life, pre-pumped, and perfect!