Helix Latin Camp Front Cover Photo

Helix Latin Camp

118 min HD

It's VERY easy to "pitch a tent" at Helix Latin Camp; what, with all the beautiful, bronzed bodied boys glistening, hot and sweaty as they attempt to complete their daily chores. Naturally, with all that fresh, young testosterone tempting, and teasing the twinks, the sexual tension builds to a boiling point! All day long, the gorgeous guys learn about tying tight, strong knots, pitching tents, and how to ignite blazing fires, with extra hard wood.

The prime, pretty boys work hard to impress their camp counselors, as well as one another; and, they reap raunchy- good rewards in the forms of twosomes, threesomes, and even foursomes! So, grab YOUR wood, head over to "Helix Latin Camp," and give the guys (and yourself) a hand!