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Jamie Takes All

103 min HD

Jamie Ray's juicy journey from cute innocent, Indiana virgin to total big dick blond bareback booty destroyer is FULLY documented in this jam packed Jamie Ray, butt blasting bangathon! We open with Ray's first EVER solo scene. The jailbait jacker openly chats about being a virgin with blond Adonis dick director, Max Carter. Naturally, Carter coaxes an epic, cock rocking performance from the future porn prince; and, that's just the "tip" of this twink filled fuck flick! Jamie Ray is an absolute twink lover's dream and, the opening virginal stroke session is a super sticky contrast to the four, fuck packed scenes that follow.

Ray rams his rock hard rod inside tight, smooth, teen booties in four fucktastic spunk filled scenes; AND, he experiences it ALL here at Helix for the very first time! He rims, rams, bottoms AND tops with the cutest twinks on the planet. Relive the excitement of your first times with Jamie and his super hung, bubble bootied buddies, condom free, carefree and, without a worry in the world.... except for where your next erotic adventure will take you in this dick heavy dreamland, FULL of lusty lads looking for "loads" of fun!