Zack Hood

With his ferocious sexual appetite and the kind of muscular physique that could only have come from spending hours in the gym, it's no great wonder that Zack Hood has quickly established himself as one of our very favourite studs. True, he may not be quite as fresh-faced as some of the boys who feature in our movies, but sometimes a little history goes a long way in this business and there's certainly no doubting the fact that Zack's personal experience between the sheets helps him feature as one of our very finest performers.

A favourite with fans, fellow models and directors alike, he's a self-confessed exhibitionist who lives to fuck and show off, making a career in porn the unquestionable vocation of choice. No horny twink is safe from this ass-magnet, who (as scene after scorching scene can testify) loves nothing better than to be balls-deep in some hungry pucker giving it the old Zack Hood five-star treatment. Raw if possible! Needless to say, few (if any) of our bottoms ever complain of the service!

Model Stats

Height6' Cock7.5 inches PositionTop
0 yo 6' 7.5 inches Top