Justin Conway

He's blond, he's cute, he's at an age where he's got a libido that's simply never satisfied, and "“ perhaps most importantly of all "“ young Justin is pretty much up for anything. So much so that he seems just at home taking a mate's eight inches up the rear as he does giving it out to one of his horny compatriots. Indeed, any scene involving this filthy-minded sex-hound is always something of a surprise "“ after all, you can never be exactly sure exactly what role the fellow is going to play.

Conway's greatest appeal, however, is always going to be his fair, fresh-faced looks; and indeed there's no doubt in our minds that he's already secured quite a sizeable fan-base in the short time that he's been with us. Such is the advantage of being a natural blond, of course, though the lad's strongest asset will always be his apparent pleasure at finding himself in front of a camera. No doubt about it at all, this boy is a down-and-out exhibitionist who just loves to entertain; and, with a cock and physique like his as assets, who on earth is gonna object?

Model Stats

19 yo inches Top