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Kurt Niles and Milo Harper come on hot and heavy from the start in this big bone, bareback bang fest. The horny brunette hotties make out like a couple of high schoolers and can't help but take it to the next level once they feel one another's big bulges cum to life, filling their pants with a promise of a mighty fine fucking. Milo drops to his knees and teases Kurt's shredded stomach with kisses before pulling at his colorful undies to release the big beast inside.

His formidable phallus flops out looking majestic as fuck and Milo manages to get the massive piece of meat down his throat with a little help from Nile's hand at the back of his head. Kurt felt Harper's huge hog earlier and has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to take on the immense appendage and he tells Milo in no uncertain terms. He pulls down the dude's appropriate "Trophy Boy" briefs and his boastful boner bounces out.

Milo straddles Kurt's cock sucker and fucks his face like a champ before lifting Nile's legs in the air and annihilating his ass with that wide weapon. Harper piston pumps the guy's tiny pucker like a meat wielding maniac while Kurt's cock points north in each naughty position. Harper is not stranger to anal pleasures and wants his hole filled as well; so, he climbs up on the bed and sits right down on the dude's thick, throbbing dick.

His uncut cock slaps Kurt's ripped abs as he bounces up and down on that D, getting deeper with every beautiful bareback bounce. Niles unplugs only to plunge his perfect piece back in doggy style. He hits Harper from the back hard, hammering his prostate till his bone explodes all over the bed, leaving a trail of breadcrumb cum drops that show his path of pleasure. Kurt puts the peen pedal to the metal and doesn't stop till he's creamed all up in Milo's crack.

He slaps Harper's butt cheeks with his still hard hog, getting every gooey drop out onto Milo's meaty ass before they seal this slam with one more kiss.

Models: Milo Harper, Kurt Niles,
Themes: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Brunette, Cream Pie, Kissing, Twink, Uncut,

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