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Still living with mom and dad can be a drag, but tasty twosome Dustin Cook and Jamie Ray arrange an after school "playdate" before the fam get home. In the poster covered teen boy's bedroom, the guy's grasp at one another as clothes fall to the floor amongst the beanbags and stuffed animals. The horny hotties invade each other's mouth's with tenacious tongues while slipping sweaty palms inside bulging undies.

Jamie opens his jaw to suck down Dustin's dick but it isn't long before his young hormones get the best of him and he utter's his dirty desire to "taste" Jamie's junk. He gives the boy's boner the business before bending him over and absolutely annihilating his smooth hole with one of the most intense ass eatings ever given by a young guy! He spreads Ray's smooth cheeks while grabbing fistfuls of it.

All the while he's buried in butt and licking the kid's lovely loins so intensely you can hear the flick of his tongue along with a few hard ass spankings. With cocky confidence, Cook says "you ready for this dick?" It's more of a command than a question. He knows the answer and doesn't waste time waiting to smash the boy's booty with a skin on skin schlong slamming. Jamie looks back at his raw dog top and blurts out his own twinkie top fantasy that Dustin is more than happy to fulfill.

He hops on the kid's hog and lets Ray take control of his hole, slamming cock up inside his beautiful booty while his dick dances, looking gorgeous as it bounces with every girthy grind. With his hole happy, Dustin is ready to get back to bangin' blondie's butt. Cook has Ray on his back with his knees to his shoulders as he services the kid's cake and sucks on his neck. This must be Jamie's sweet spot because soon his breathing quickens and the cherub like cutie cranks hard on his cum ready chubby until it oozes orgasmic goodies.

The twink's twitching hole is all Cook's cock needs to nut and our brunette bad boy hops up to give the angelic blond's face an orgasmic offering of his own. The load is WAY more than the both boys bargained for. Cook's cock goes off like an open fire hydrant on a hot summer's day in the Bronx! Each splash slams the innocent looking twink in the mouth, eye, chest and even hair! Jamie jams his face forward to swallow the spasming schlong and act as a spigot so he won't drown on Dustin's buckets of liquid dick.

When the ejaculation explosion finally subsides, Cook goes in for a sticky kiss and gets a taste of his own sweet "medicine."

Models: Jamie Ray, Dustin Cook,
Themes: Anal Sex, Blonds, Blowjob, Brunette, Facials, Kissing, Rimming, Twink,

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