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It's the end of the night and the club is closing but after some heavy flirting that turns into a hot make out session outside, Cameron Parks and Wes Campbell decide to keep the party going in private. Cameron can't wait to get on pretty boy Campbell's cock and by the look of the growing bulge in his drawers, Wes is just as anxious to get his knob gobbled! Parks pulls at the beautiful blond boy's red hot underwear and out flops his gorgeous, engorged groin with a hefty bounce.

Campbell grabs Parks by the back of the head and stuffs his cock sucker full of throbbing phallus. Wes lays down with his perky bubble butt looking absolutely scrumptious and goes IN on Parks piece before he has the boy bend over to get at that smooth hole. He eats ass like it's his last meal, spreading the peaches and cream caboose and shoving a few fingers inside the tight tunnel to warm up his boy for the main course of cock.

Wet and ready, Parks slides right down on Campbell's cock bareback and immediately gets a hot, raw rhythm going. His perfect peach looks spectacular spread apart as Wes' wang invades his amazing ass. Wes winds his hips, then blasts his bone upward, slapping Cam's can with his big, cum filled balls. Then, Cameron turns around and REALLY gives us a show, beating his meat as Wes wails the inside of his walls.

With Campbell still cocked deep inside, Parks lays back and lets a hefty, hot load of cream loose. Even though he got off, Cameron rolls over to give Cam even more ass! This kid is a fucking machine! Campbell's blond surfer boy locks dangle in his beautiful face as he slams schlong deeper and deeper. A gorgeous camera angle captures Campbell's exquisite caboose, plump but firm while perfectly round and smooth.

His nuts start to tighten and he pulls out just enough to give Cam a yummy cream pie. Campbell can't take his eyes off his sticky, white work of art. He plays with his seed, spreading it around Parks' pretty pink pucker before sealing this fantastic fuck with a kiss.

Models: Wes Campbell, Cameron Parks,
Themes: American, Anal Sex, Blonds, Blowjob, Cream Pie, Kissing, Rimming, Twink,

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