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Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben's sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton's ample appendage.

Summers adds extra spice with some salty schlong slapping to his boy's beautiful face. Raw and raging hard from that excellent knob job, Ashton gets Benny boy on the wooden table and aims his own hard wood at his boy's bubble. Ashton goes hard, annihilating Ben's booty at every angle. He blasts the smooth sexpot's hot spot with his legs in the air, then bent over a table, and finally with one leg in the air, balls swingin' till Masters musters up a massively milky load that launches high and wide, splashing succulent seed absolutely everywhere.

Summers just keeps on keepin' on, slamming schlong up in Ben who is more than happy to handle every hard inch. He rewards the boy's banging resilience with delicious drops of thick liquid dick, frosting Ben's booty with his oozy, tasty, top of the line load.

Models: Ben Masters, Ashton Summers,
Themes: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Boyfriends, Brunette, Kissing, Muscular, Tattoos,

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