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Sean Ford is a spectacular gift from the heavens. Master mind Max Carter directs our boy here. He chats the stud up about his hobbies, home town and the gym; which is where the beauty just came from. Still engorged and glistening from his work out, the golden boy gets down to business showing us what he's workin' with. Carter gets the boy's boner cranked up, then has him turn around to show us his other good side.

Beautiful, smooth and golden brown, Ford has THE most perfect skin on the planet; and his cock ain't bad either! He peels his skin tight underwear off and his wang whacks his tight torso with a loud slap. #RockHardEverything Max reaches out from behind the camera and lends a helping hand, touching every inch. Even Ford's feet are perfect! Sean gets on his knees to show off his ass. We see his gym time is paying off by the perfect definition in his back.

Every rippling muscle leads you'r eye down to his amazing ass. As they both play with his hot hole, he lets out a moan that'll make you quiver. Max gets him on his back then zooms in to get the goods. Sean's cock is leaking pure muscle twink pre-cum. With a few fingers up his own ass, he lets Max take the reigns of his rod. Max milks the cock getting Sean's eyes to glaze over and as his naturally red lips pout, thick white goodness pours from his perfect piece.

Carter cranks out every last ounce, then rubs it all over the boys balls. Sean even says "thank you" like a good boy should.

Models: Sean Ford,
Themes: American, Handjob, Masturbation / Jerk Off,

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